Top 5 reasons to switch VPN to Surfshark today (2021)

A VPN is a useful tool to have, when surfing the web these days. It protects you and your computer and there are a lot of other advantages to a VPN. But there are a lot of VPN’s out there and there are a lot of differences between them. The speed, safety, price and server locations are all important elements to take in to a count when deciding to get a VPN subscription. Is it useful to switch VPN these days, or does it not matter?

Since a couple of months I switched to Surfshark, and here’s why:

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1. The Price

The first and one of the most obvious differences between Surfshark and its competitors is the price. I was paying around $15 each month for my subscription, before I switched to Surfshark.

The plans of Surfshark start at $4 a month, if you buy for a longer time. And the VPN packages are often on sale. When they are on sale, prices go as low as $2, that is insanely good, you will not find a better deal of another reputable VPN service.

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2. Kill switch for disconnections

Governments, businesses, and malicious actors may be trying to intercept internet browsing data from you. If you are using a VPN service and the secure connection between your device and the VPN drops, that could expose your data to these businesses or malicious people.

Surfshark has a kill switch that immediately stops all traffic on your internet connection to warn you that your connection is no longer protected. Disconnections can happen for a variety of reasons, at any time. So it is very important that a VPN has a kill switch, if you want it to do keep you as safe as possible when you’re on the web, without leaking your information to malicious entities.

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3. It covers all your devices

With a lot of VPN services, you can only use one or if you’re lucky three or five devices with one subscription. A big advantage of Surfshark is that you can use unlimited devices with one subscription. So you can use a secure VPN on your phone, computer and tablet. And not only your devices, you can share it with your living mates or family, so that everyone can be safe online.

On top of this, you will have no problem using Surfshark on any device with any operating system, Surfshark supports them all.

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4. Incredible ad-blocking

Not all VPN providers have good ad-blocking, and certainly not all VPN providers have good ad-blocking. But Surfshark has, and this I really noticed on the first days of using the service. I came from a provider that had ad-blocking, but it was not even close to the level of blocking that Surfshark maintains.

No need to download a sketchy ad blocker or another expensive ad-blocking service, Surfshark has it all.

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5. User-friendly and excellent support

The last big advantage of Surfshark against its competitors is the level of support. The VPN company has an amazing and helpful support team. A lot of other VPN services have only a small support team. It’s a perfect thing for a company to save money on, but it really lowers the quality of the company.

Besides the good support, the VPN itself has an intuitive and easy to understand interface. Even if you’ve never had a VPN before or you’re a complete noob in the computer and tech field, you will still understand all the buttons and features.

Conclusion: Do you need to switch VPN?

The biggest advantages of Surfshark include the amount of devices you can use the VPN on, the incredible ad-blocking, the kill switch and the excellent support and intuitive UI.

And all that for a very competitive price in the VPN space. I made the switch and I do not think I am going to switch back soon.

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