The best practices to increase conversions with Kartra

The increase of conversions is probably your main goal, people that sign up for your email list, buy your product, click your affiliate link or become a client; are the people that you want. If you’re just starting out or if you already have an established online site or company, you need those conversions. Sometimes, some little adjustments can boost your conversions a fair bit. And with Kartra it is pretty easy to do so.

Increase conversions by optimizing your landing page

Your landing page is the most important page of your funnel, if it looks ugly or isn’t easy to understand, your potential client can just close the browser tab and move on. You need to really hook your visitors, not only with a great design, but with useful information. Adding value is a very important practice to do when your traffic isn’t planning to buy anything yet. You need to sell them your product, but don’t do it in an aggressive or nonchalant way. If you give them enough truly helpful information, they will be more intent to buy something of you, because they know your info is great. Always remember that a potential customer can just leave your site, be careful!

A/B split test your landing pages

A/B testing different landing pages is essential for generating more conversions, and it’s most of all very easy to do with Kartra. There is a build-in feature that allows you to lead your traffic to different landing pages, without even creating different campaigns. This video shows the A/B split testing possibilities with Kartra:

Get your visitors email

As I said before, giving useful and value to your visitors is one of the most important practices to increase your conversions and conversion rate. But you can benefit from this in another way. There is a popular method to get the email addresses of your visitors. Exchange useful information for the visitor’s email, this is one of the best practices getting email addresses of your targeted visitors fast.

A lot of people will actually give their email address, it’s only an email address they think. But an email address is worth a lot more to you than you probably think. With the potential customer’s email, you can do a lot. In Kartra you can set up an automated email sequence. In the follow-up emails, you can give more useful information and start to offer your product to your customer.

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